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V-Super HRM & payroll is full featured HR (Human Resource) Management software comes with Attendance, Timesheet Time Tracking, Payroll, Salary Slip and more exciting features.

Our Features

Manage Attendance

Take employee attendance.
Generate show-cause for absence.
Attendance report generation.
Branch wise Attendance.

Project Management

Project description.
Work time scheduling.
Work Assigning.
Effective time managemen.

Personnel Management

Complete employee information at your fingertips.
Work completion and achievement tracking .
Manage and access all vital data about employees online.

User Friendly

Easy to use and manage.
Simple in visibility.

Requirement Forecasting & Recruitment

Staff requirement forecasting.
Recruitment process.
Training process.

Time Sheet Management

Duty scheduling.
Employee shift roster.

Staff Communication Management

Send Emails.
Private chats.
Chat History visibility.

Employee Self Appraisal Technology

Attendance report.
Work completion and achievement.
Work Progress report.

Online Payroll

Generate and share payslips accurately.
Customizable salary structure as per industry standards.
Keeps a record of Date of joining and leaving.
probation period and employee exit.

HRM Payroll System

HRM Features

V-Super HR is an innate HR software solution explicitly intended to fulfill organization guidelines and necessities, thus setting aside your time and cash. Our safe cloud-based programming enables organizations of any size to streamline HR processes and draw in with their employees more proficiently and precisely.

VSUPER HRM system allows employees to update their work related information easily. It is also a perfect solution for employees to have secure access to their personal information online.

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